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The main alloy element of silicon in the bronze.Silicon bronze for industrial use contains small amounts of manganese, nickel, zinc, or other elements. Silicon is a finite solid solution in copper, and its maximum solubility can reach 5.3% at 852℃, which decreases with the reduction of temperature. However, the aging hardening effect is lower, and the intensified heat treatment is generally not carried out. Deformed silicon bronze contents silicon approximately 1% ~ 4%, added of more silicon will lead to brittle phase and decrease plasticity. Silicon bronze has a small crystallization temperature range, sufficient fluidity and higher mechanical properties than tin bronze, so it can be used as a substitute for tin bronze in mechanical manufacturing industry. Silicon bronze rod has strong corrosion resistance in atmosphere, water vapour, natural fresh water and sea water. Due to the formation of a dense and solid chloride film on its surface, but their flow rate cannot too quick. otherwise, the oxide film will be destroyed and lose its protection. If the temperature is high than 60℃ or the water contains Co2 and oxygen, the erosion rate is accelerated.
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