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Properties of red copper

High purity, fine arrangement, low oxygen content.No pores and excellent conductive function, electroerosion of the mold surface precision, after heat treatment technology, the electrode has no direction, suitable for fine beating, fine beating, with outstanding thermoelectricity, production, ductility, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.The application range can be used in electrical, steam construction and chemical industry, special terminal printed electrical circuit board, wire cover copper strip, air cushion, bus terminal.Electromagnetic switch, pen holder, house board, etc.Density of red copper 8.96g/(cm) density of red copper 8.89g/(mm)Cu≥ 99.95% O<003 conductivity ≥57ms/m hardness ≥ 85.2 HV

ZILLION COPPER technology co., LTD. Was established in 2003. We are expert at copper alloy casting, the main production of bronze bushing, copper plate products...


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