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The difference between bronze and red copper@

Bronze refers to the matrix of copper, an alloy in which elements other than zinc and nickel are the main additive. Red copper refers to the purity of more than 99.70% of industrial copper. Whether bronze or red copper, according to the different added elements, and can be divided into many small classes. Among them, there are tin bronze and aluminum bronze, phosphorus bronze, etc.
How does bronze and copper differ
1. Color: under normal circumstances, the appearance of bronze is cyan, while the appearance of red copper is fuchsia.
2. Thermal conductivity: red copper has better thermal conductivity than bronze.
3. Conductivity: red copper better than bronze.
4. Ductility: red copper is better.
5. Hardness: the hardness of red copper is worse than that of bronze.
6. Anti-Rust: there are more impurities in bronze than red copper, so bronze is more prone to rust.
7. Wear resistance: bronze is better wear-resistant.
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