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Copper zinc alloy

Copper zinc alloy is a memory alloy. The color of gold yellow, commonly known as brass.
There are dozens of components of copper-zinc memory alloy, usually we can use the main components of copper-zinc memory alloy: copper 64% zinc 18% nickel 18% or copper-zinc aluminum memory alloy. The martensite transition temperature is about 100℃. The density is 6.75g/cm³.
Copper and zinc alloys are also known as fake gold. Copper zinc alloy is a mixture of copper metal (Cu) and zinc metal (Zn), characterized by high density, easy filling, good thermal conductivity, and different oxidation tendency due to different alloy components. The crystallization temperature range of cast tin bronze is wide, easy to produce shrinkage defects, oxidation is not strong. Due to good mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, and has a relatively low price and beautiful appearance, so in electronic telecommunications, home appliances, drinking water engineering, aerospace, hardware decoration, machinery, instruments and other fields are widely used.


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