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What kind of Copper has a self lubricating effect

Copper alloys are commonly used for copper sleeves that do not have a self-lubricating effect. Copper alloys are used in the manufacture of copper sleeves because graphite copper sleeves are less hard than steel, and copper alloys are used as protective wear parts. Matching parts.

  If you need a lubrication effect, you can buy a self-lubricating bearing from a mold guide bushing that disperses several holes in the copper sleeve. The holes are fitted with plastic (such as PTFE) or graphite. The copper sleeve and the internal matching shaft work together for a period of time Over time, copper sleeve problems occur, the plastic in the holes is squeezed out, and the plastic acts as a lubricant.

  I used to use a copper sleeve as a guide, but I chose a self-lubricating sleeve so I can customize the size. Very convenient.




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