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  • Tin bronze bushing
  • Tin bronze bushing
  • Tin bronze bushing
Tin bronze bushing Tin bronze bushing Tin bronze bushing
Product Name Tin bronze sliding bushing
Material CuSn5Zn5Pb5-CASTM 83600
Specification Φ90x75mmx70mm
Application PT130 Injection molding machine
Description Each small part in the entire injection molding machine has its different mission, most importent of the sliding bushing,sliding bushing in the entire machine in the operation of constant high temperature friction, high-speed operation. Once there is a problem with the bushing, then the machine can not be used for light failure, if the slippery course of the machine got stuck, resulting in an accident. The bushing of tin bronze CusN5ZN5PB5-C (ASTM 83600) produced by ZILLION COPPER has excellent wear resistance and long life cycle, exquisite processing technology and safe design, which gives full play to the function of sliding bushing.



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