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  • Tin bronze tail plate bushing
  • Tin bronze tail plate bushing
Tin bronze tail plate bushingTin bronze tail plate bushing
Product Name Tin bronze tail plate bushing
Material CuSn5Zn5Pb5-CASTM 83600
Specification Φ640x600mmx160mm
Application Casting machine, Extrusion machine, Injection molding machine
Description Tail plate bushing increased load force.Die casting machine, extrusion casting machine and injection molding machine clamping mechanism to working on the mould opening and closing and locking action, consists of three pieces of the plates and four tiebars, usually is divided into three pieces of plates: fixed plate, sliding plate and the tail plate, mould is usually assemble on the fixed plate and sliding plate, fixed plate along with four tiebars guidance for reciprocating motion.




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