Aluminum Bronze Seires

  • Aluminum bronze bushing
Aluminum bronze bushing

Aluminum bronze bushing

  • Description: Aluminum bronze bushing - ZILLION COPPER

Aluminum bronze has many uses
With aluminum as the primary alloying element. Aluminum bronze has higher mechanical properties than brass and tin bronze. The aluminum bronze used in conventional use has an aluminum content of 5% ~ 12%, and the plasticity of aluminum bronze containing 5% ~ 7% aluminum is the best, which is suitable for cold production. After the aluminum content is more than 7% ~ 8%, the strength is improved, but the plasticity drops sharply. Aluminum bronze has higher wear resistance and corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, seawater, seawater carbonic acid and most organic acids than brass and tin bronze. Aluminum bronze can be used to make gear, shaft sleeve, worm gear and other high strength anti-wear parts and high corrosion resistance elastic components. High hardness aluminum bronze has higher hardness, anti-friction and excellent corrosion resistance. It can be made by electric welding and gas welding, and can be used as a substitute for high tin bronze. Suitable for wear resistant sliding blocks, guide rail, stretching mold, bearing, shaft sleeve, gear, turbine, etc... Aluminum bronze is used for making corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant components and bearing spring parts under heavy load, also used for casting gear, axle sleeve and marine propeller with high load.



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