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  • Silicon brass bushing
Silicon brass bushing

Silicon brass bushing

  • Tensile strength Mpa(Min):379
  • Yield strength MPa(Min):165
  • Elongation %:165
  • Brinell hardness(HB):100
  • Description: Silicon bronze has good mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good weldability, easy to process, non-magnetic, no spark when impact.
Bronze with silicon as the main alloying element. In addition to silicon, silicon bronze used in industry also contains a small amount of manganese, nickel, zinc or other elements. Silicon presents a limited solid solution in copper, and the maximum solubility can reach 5.3% at 852℃, and it decreases with the decrease of temperature, but the age hardening effect is not strong, and strengthening heat treatment is generally not carried out. The silicon content of deformed silicon bronze is 1% to 4%. When silicon increases, brittle phases will appear and plasticity will be reduced. Silicon bronze has a small crystallization temperature range, has sufficient fluidity, and has higher mechanical properties than tin bronze. It can be used as a substitute for tin bronze in the machinery manufacturing industry.


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